Heyrick Research is an intelligence-driven research organization focused on disrupting the human trafficking business model. We understand human trafficking networks and their business drivers, leverage those insights to build collaborative solutions with partner stakeholders in the field, and attack the business where it’s most vulnerable.


Human trafficking exists because it makes money. We believe that to effectively counter human trafficking we must understand it as a business, not just a criminal problem for law enforcement to solve on their own.  

If we intimately understand the economics and supply chains of a trafficking industry, we can identify opportunities to disrupt the business model itself.

What does that look like?

First, it continues to require an ever-improving law enforcement approach. We support federal, local and state law enforcement investigations through targeted network mapping, language expertise, and best practices specific to individual trafficking marketplaces or supply chains.

But human traffickers are enabled (or at the very least not thwarted) by a wide range of industries.  Property owners lease them space, city governments fail to create or enforce effective ordinances, banks move their money, social media and texting apps facilitate their communications and recruitment, tax authorities ignore fraud and local citizens keep quiet.

When we understand the depth and breadth of human trafficking networks, their supply chains and business drivers, we can educate those partner stakeholders in the field (with specifics!) and identify targeted action steps designed to immediately impact a traffickers’ bottom line.