Heyrick Research is an intelligence-driven counter-trafficking organization. We are solely focused on ending human trafficking in the U.S. illicit massage industry.


Using methods honed in the intelligence community, we identify where illicit massage businesses (IMBs) are located, understand how their networks operate, and design disruption strategies  to hit the industry where it hurts the most: profit.

We focus on initiatives with direct and outsized impact through collaborations with law enforcement, state and local government, victim-service providers, and other partners.

Why "Heyrick Research"?

Elizabeth Heyrick – our namesake, and a 19th century British abolitionist – was a radical leader amongst anti-slavery voices because she felt the anti-slavery establishment was being entirely too patient, too polite, and too accommodating of existing systems that enabled (and even relied upon) the slave trade.  Like her, we believe that a society such as ours should not tolerate any form of slavery or exploitation for even one more day.

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