Partner Initiatives

We build collaborative partnerships to launch disruption strategies with direct and outsized impact.

Featured Initiatives

Network Analysis

We provide strategic and actionable targeting support to law enforcement partners in order to drive more efficient and effective investigations of criminal networks. Our analysts collect and analyze all publicly available and subscription-based information on IMBs to provide network maps, leads, and big picture assessments.

Findings include:

  • Linkages between businesses, individuals and locations;
  • In-depth assessments, including social media analysis, on IMB owners and other associated individuals;
  • Provide insight into new or re-located IMBs and suspected money laundering businesses.

Landlord Education Programs

We collaborate with local and state authorities to launch "Landlord Education Programs," a high-impact, low-cost initiative designed to motivate commercial landlords to terminate or not renew leases for IMB tenants.

We provide:

  • Data on IMB locations,  landlords, and sex-buyer reviews;
  • Case study analysis and sample templates;
  • Training and consultation on program design and implementation;
  • Ongoing support for resulting IMB investigations or alternative regulatory action.

Field Support

We provide on-the-ground support for partners during IMB network interventions. Our team members apply their industry-specific knowledge, cultural sensitivities, and language capabilities to enforcement actions in order to optimize operations and offer potential victims a safe exit from exploitive situations.

Support includes:

  • Training partners in advance of law enforcement action on unique industry insights, cultural sensitivities, tips for improved interviewing and evidence searches, and more;
  • Providing trauma-informed language services (primarily in Mandarin, Taiwanese and/or Cantonese), including interviews with potential victims;
  • Facilitating opportunities for potential victims to speak with law enforcement officers and/or safely exit their situation.

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